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  • Project Manager, Malaria Team

    Are you a humanitarian for martian relief? Do you constantly get mosquito bites?

    Maybe you should join our team!

    • Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget
    • Lead and develop a team focused on ending the spread of malaria on mars - before it gets there
    • Genetically alter and train cannibalistic mosquitos
    • Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques

  • Manager, Human Resources

    Do you have zero passion for living? Do you like being the most hated person in the office?

    Maybe you should join our team!

    • Provide strategic direction and guidance on complex employee relations issues, organizational structure, workforce planning, employee engagement, change management, and other HR initiatives
    • Coach leadership, including directors and above, through performance management issues and to improve their leadership skills
    • Use data to identify trends and areas of concern and to monitor progress of remedial actions
    • Operate as the ultimate HR expert, providing expertise and leadership to handle the most complex and/or sensitive employee relations issues, communications, and investigations
    • Enforce legal compliance with applicable laws and company policies
    • Collaborate with other HR teams to ensure calibration and consistency
    • Provide change management and leadership to introduce new and impactful HR initiatives and changes, often working in close partnership with other HR functional experts (Recruiting, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Data and Automation) to address client group needs and concerns
    • Design and quickly implement solutions, policies, or practices that cut across multiple disciplines and stakeholders to achieve company goals without sacrificing compliance or company culture


  • Rocket Scientist

    Do you have a passion for space? Are you highly qualified but enjoy terrible benefit packages?

    Maybe you should join our team!

    • Work with a team of Manufacturing Engineers and Test Lab Analysts in the production-level testing environment
    • Develop capabilities and manufacturing engineering initiatives to support continuously improving manufacturing performance in the short-term and over a multi-year horizon
    • Work closely with Responsible Engineers and Production Test Labs to ensure a testable product is being developed and influence design to increase product reliability and test coverage. Make recommendations for design, process improvements, and data collection


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